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Protect Children

Health Care & Nutrition

India has a vast health care system but it is still struggling to provide basic health care facilities to its citizens in both rural and urban areas. Jansewak takes an initiative to provide basic essential healthcare to all people, no matter where they live by organizing both general and specialized Free health camps in rural as well as urban areas of the country. Improvmentment in quality of existing health care infrasture is also one of our main focus area. Malnutrition among poor kids is also very big social problem.

Voilence against children

Rights of the Child, the protection of children from violence has gained increasing global priority. There has been an incremental development of legislative and policy reform, and enhancements in child protection systems. However, even as we celebrate these notable achievements, we must also recognize that progress has been too slow, too uneven and too fragmented to make a genuine breakthrough. Children remain at risk of violence in every setting, including those where they should feel safest – in schools, in care and justice institutions, and within the home.

Cost of Voilence to Society

Ending violence against children is an ethical imperative, but it also makes economic sense. Besides its impact on child victims and their families, violence has far-reaching costs for society: around the world it is diverting billions of dollars from social spending, slowing economic development; eroding human and social capital; and severely limiting children from reaching their full potential resulting in huge losses to society.
Urgent action is needed and here are few key steps that countries can take to realize commitment to eliminate violence against children.
1. Develop a national, child-centered, integrated, multidisciplinary and time-bound strategy to address violence against children
2. Enact an explicit legal ban on violence against children backed by effective enforcement.
3. Increase efforts to make violence against children socially unacceptable.
4. Ensure the social inclusion of girls and boys who are at special risk in the prevention and response to violence against children.

Stopping voilence

Join hands with other governments and non-government organisations (NGO) to ensure the protection of children from physical, mental and sexual violence .

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