Adopting New Life Style After Conora

  The life style of world has changed due to covid-19. Wearing masks in no longer symbol of medical professionals. Now common man will have to wear mask and gloves for a long time to come. Social distancing will be the essential part of our day-to-day living style

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World Asthma Day- 5 May

World Asthma Day (WAD)is organized by Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) towards increasing awareness about asthma and its management across the world. It is observed every year on first Tuesday of May. On this day activities are carried out throughout the world to moti

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Teaching Poor Children

Have you ever taught children? Try once if not. The Satisfaction and the Joy “What keeps me going? Although teaching can be difficult and exhausting, seeing children all excited about learning and seeing their progress is what motivates me to carry on"

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Coronavirus: The impact of lockdowns on Economy

  Everything has changed. Just a few weeks ago, all of us were living our usual busy lives. Now, things normally taken for granted - an evening with friends, the daily commute, a plane flight home - are no longer possible. Daily rep

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Medical health check-up camps sponsored by us very common. Our team members from Medical community are doing wonderful social contribution in this regard.

Voluntary teaching by our JANSEWAK is most popular activity our our volunteers.

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Planting Event Organised

Trees provide shelter and food for wildlife such as birds, squirrels, and bugs. Groves of trees provide food and cover for larger mammals, such as raccoons and deer. An average size tree produces enough oxygen in one year to keep a family of four breathing

Trees generate jobs and contribute raw materials for buildings, newspapers, books and more than 15,000 other forest products. Trees are renewable, biodegradable and recyclable.

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